Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To keep customer satisfaction and product quality at the highest level,

In the awareness of our internal and external context, support the activities of the institution and the strategic direction, maintain activities,

We believe that by providing a timely and accurate amount of quality products, we can take effect effectively with our related parties and can be realized with an appropriate planning methodology.

In the activities we realize, the new methods and continuous improvement approach to the leading position in the technology.

In the framework of quality systems, all employees are more able to improve the quality level by giving importance to teamwork to become more competent and capabilities to be able to use their abilities at the highest level,

To deliver sustainable products at the level of national and international standards to all our customers, to create, implement, implement, implement an effective quality management systems in all processes in our organization.

ISO 9001: 2015 We are committed to implement the necessary legislation and regulations to carry out continuous improvements by continuous improvement and implement the applicable conditions by constantly improving the quality management system.

Board of Directors